Tamara Tilleman, MD,PhD

Biography and Mission

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Dean of a Medical School who has devoted considerable research to limiting paradigms and how they affect personal and organizational success.

Per her studies, people view the world through a paradigm filter where reality is heavily influenced by subjective interpretations of daily events (including in the medical and legal fields). Paradigms then replace the reality to the extent that most people feel confident that their interpretation is the only objective reality (paradigm illusion).

A great example is the “Rashomon” film that is known for a plot that involves various characters providing alternative, self-serving and contradictory versions of the same incident. Observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally believable versions of the event based on their own paradigms. The Rashomon effect has become a legal term used in court to describe contradictory testimonials by involved individuals due to the subjectivity of perception on recollection.

Her research yielded over 80 publications and a clear conclusion regarding the essential skills to produce successful and lasting change. Dr. Tilleman has shown that the key to gaining more freedom and to living life to the fullest is understanding and expanding one’s paradigms beyond oneself and one’s organization.

Tamara’s mission is to deliver valuable skills empowering people to take control over their life (career being the first) and achieve success. Participants in her lectures and workshops swiftly practice the skills of diagnosing paradigms and becoming successier .
Her two innovative training programs Leadership without Paradigms™ and Successier™ are based on her Paradigm Research at Harvard University, Maastricht University, and Erasmus University.


  • Successier™
    Our flag workshop reviews 5 core lessons for achieving peak performance and success.
    The training provides actionable insights from cutting-edge research on how people excel and achieve extraordinary results.
    Participants in Successier ™ workshops start immediately to practice how to up one’s game and go beyond their paradigms and restricted boundaries.
    This is a workshop that spans multiple disciplines, domains, and capabilities with practical wisdom for people who want to master their lives, their career and their business.
  • Leadership without Paradigms™
    Our executive training provides core leadership skills necessary to become an effective person who commands a group, organization, or country.
    First step to growing and innovation is understanding the 3 basic competencies: leadership, mentoring and paradigms in the workplace.
    Participants in Leadership without Paradigms™ workshops start immediately to practice how to transform their organization’s culture and how to retain top talent.
  • Who moved my paradigm™ (for teens)
    We believe that an early exposure to the concept of paradigms as presented in this peak performance boot camp can accelerate the onset of high achievement.
    This short workshop teaches teens the characteristics of effective leaders, the value of setting and achieving goals, taking responsibility/initiative and of a hard working. We are committed to teens who are the future leaders of our communities and nation.

Be Successier



“New Year’s resolutions are harder to stick to than we think. The fault is not your weak willpower, the prime suspect is your inner story, your paradigm. With guided reflection, this default can be reset. Easily”

Tamara is offering a few spots every December for an annual training.
You will work according to her method on your limiting beliefs, paradigms and your biggest obstacle to success.

Be Inspired, Be Transformed




On a rainy November day and on her way to work, Dr. Tilleman was hit by a car that failed to yield at stop sign. At that time she was serving as a Chief of a cancer center and writing her second doctorate thesis exploring medical paradigms.
Her long journey from the Emergency Room through months of rehabilitation forced her to rethink her academic work and to change her career. She used her own breakthrough research to rehab and to create a very successful second career.

Now she is inspiring others to reflect upon their own life, upon their own paradigms, to discover what is holding them back and to reinvent themselves. The very same way she did it.

Be Energized