Currently Dr. Tilleman is in the process of converting her PhD thesis and some of her lectures and workshops into books.

(And she is impatient to have her work displayed at  Booksmith the best independent bookshop in North America).  Please read about the bookshop that is dedicated to the fine art of browsing.
The picture is already from Booksmith!


Dr. Tilleman’s published books:


  1. Positive Mental Attitude: Inspiring Stories From Real People
    Published June 2017.
    Can buy it here.
    Postive Mental Attitude: Inspiring Stories From Real People Who Applied Napoleon Hill's Most Important Success Principle by [Tilleman, Tamara, Onabu, Christy, Feldberg, Jeffrey, Alfaro, Alex, McNeill, Ann, Patton, Linda, Harris, Brianna Lyons, Gold, Matthew Vincent, Scott Venezia, Rachael Dilling, Cyndi Vos, Peter Kamerman, Gary Burleson, Mark English, Antony Scandale]
  2. Going the Extra Mile
    Published December 2016.
    Can buy it here.

Coming books:

  1. Paradigms in Science™
    Dr. Tilleman’s PhD dissertation of the Validity of Paradigms in Surgery. Text can be found here.
  2. Successier ™
    The science of high achievement and the biology of success. Information about workshops can be found here.